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Who can book the GASGAS Race Service or a GASGAS Rental Bike?
Open to all riders who are participating in the ISDE 2023 Argentina who are over 18 and have a valid driver’s license. 

What is included in the GASGAS Rental Bike Service?
GASGAS offers an exclusive rental of the latest GASGAS EC 250F. 
The price for renting the GASGAS motorcycle during the Six Days is 3900,00 EUR (inc. VAT)
The rental price includes:
•    GASGAS motorcycle for the period of the ISDE Argentina 2023
•    Transport costs to the event in San Juan, Argentina
•    Registration and insurance of the motorcycle for the event

What is included in the GASGAS Race Service (1.700,00 EUR inc. VAT)?
•    Access to the GASGAS Service Stations
•    Technical instructions for all GASGAS riders
•    Technical assistance for the whole event as is permitted according to FIM rules
•    Tools for the service
•    Motorex, lubricants and liquids for servicing (engine oil, cooling liquid, chain spray…)
•    Petrol for the race days
•    Daily update for settings and race information
•    WP suspension support
•    Storage boxes for gloves, goggles tyres
•    Service points emergency assistance (spares, tools, liquids, petrol, drinks, snacks, fruits)
•    Spare parts service (cost of spare parts is not included)
•    One airfilter a day for the race days (up to 6 air filters overall)
•    First bike service after pre ride (before technical control)
•    Chilled drinks during the race weej
•    We are again trying to get a deal for a meal after each race day for every rider

Why is there only the GASGAS EC 250F model available?
Unfortunately, due to the strict import regulations and customs of Argentina we are only able to provide the latest GASGAS EC 250F.

Will there be WP support onsite?
Yes, there will be.

Will I be able to buy the motorbike afterwards?
This is something that needs to be discussed with our importer Simpa.

Can I pay via credit card?
Yes, our booking tool allows you to pay via credit card.

Do you have changing machines?
Yes, we have changing machines from Metzeler. If you want a Rabaconda you would have to bring one yourself.

Will it be possible to gas up my rear shock once I am in Argentina?
Yes, there will be WP support available.

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