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GASGAS is making plans for the 2023 ISDE in San Juan, Argentina! Once again offering our exclusive bike rental and race service packages to riders of all abilities from all nations, we want to ensure racers from around the world can enjoy the awesome, historic event, and GET ON THE GAS! on one of  our latest models - GASGAS EC 250F.

We’re offering two incredible packages that are guaranteed to make any rider’s ISDE experience all the more enjoyable, and much more memorable! The first – our bike rental option – allows riders to rent a GASGAS EC 250F, which will then be fully prepped by our skilled technicians and ready to take on the grueling six-day event, before it’ll be taken to the paddock in San Juan.


Start: 6 November 2023
End: 11 November 2023
GASGAS Motorcycles GmbH

San Juan, Provinz San Juan, Argentinien

San Juan Provinz San Juan

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