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FAQ – GASGAS Commercial Areas Competition

Do I need to have a Motorcycle License?

Can I participate in more than one discipline?
Yes, but only if you purchase items in the commercial areas from the different competitions. With each purchased item in the GASGAS commercial area in each series you can take part in the competition.

How do I enter the giveaway?
It’s super easy, 3 steps:
- Buy an item at the GASGAS commercial area
- Scan the QR-code
- Register online

How old do I need to be?
Old enough to know how to GET ON THE GAS!

At which race series will be a GASGAS Commercial area?
A GASGAS commercial area will be at chosen events in MXGP, EnduroGP and TrialGP.

Does a GASGAS Commercial area exist at every round of each series?
GASGAS Commercial areas will be at chosen rounds of each series. For more information, please visit

Can I win a Trial training with Jaime Busto at the GASGAS Commercial area at the MXGP?
No, you can't. According to the race series you have the chance to win a full day of riding with one of our heroes. For example, at the MXGP you get the chance to win a riding day with one of our Motocross champs and at the TrialGP with our Trial heroes.

Does every GASGAS item qualify to take part in the competition?
Yes, with each item you buy at the GASGAS commercial area you can participate in the competition.

Do I need a motorcycle?
No, we will provide you one of our awesome GASGAS bikes. For sure you’ll have fun!

When does the competition start/end?
It starts April 12th, 2024, and goes on until the last GASGAS commercial area on 29th of September.

Do I need riding gear?
Yes, Protective gear is mandatory to carry on with the riding activity (motorcycle helmet, gloves, boots, chest protector).

Where does the full day of riding take place?
Each riding day will take place in a different location. The location and date will be confirmed when the competition has ended.

How many people can win?
1 winner for each discipline, so in total 3 winners.

How do I get to the training location?
Don’t worry, travel costs of the participant will be covered by GASGAS. We will organize the trip to the training location.

Where do I stay?
We will book one night in a hotel for you.

Food and Drinks?
Food and drinks on the training day will be provided by GASGAS.

Can I bring an extra person?
If you wish to bring a friend or family member you will have to pay for their expenses. The riding activity is exclusively for the winners.

Will there be any additional costs or fees associated with claiming the prize?
Travel costs of the participant will be covered by GASGAS. If you wish to bring a friend or family member you will have to pay for their expenses.

How do I know if I won? Where or how will it be announced?
We will contact the winners via e-mail and social media (Facebook and/or Instagram). Make sure you use your correct e-mail address when signing up!

When does the giveaway end?
Each discipline has a slightly different calendar. Thus, each competition ends individually after the last commercial area per discipline. The winner will be announced 10 days after (the exact date varies from discipline to discipline).

How will the winner be selected?
A selection of one winner per discipline will be done randomly. The prize will only be awarded if the winners accept the winning notification within three calendar days after GASGAS has sent the notification.

Can I transfer the prize to someone else if I am unable to attend?
If you are not able to attend you cannot transfer the price, another participant will be selected randomly.

What happens in case of bad weather?
This will be defined according to the weather, at GASGAS, we like to ride in the mud as well! But if the conditions are dangerous, a postponement will be considered.

Are there any terms and conditions I should be aware of before participating?
Yes, find them here!

Who should I contact if I have any further questions about the giveaway?
After reading this document, if you still have any questions, you can reach out to with the email topic of COMMERCIAL AREA GIVEAWAY.


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